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A Powerful Introduction Video is Critically Important to Your Video Marketing

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­These days, even the best photos and gifs are being trumped by video.

In fact, on average, people stay 2 minutes longer on websites or social media with video than they do on sites without them. Anything can happen in two minutes online — so why wouldn’t you want to capitalize on it?

One of the most common and useful videos to start with is the introduction aspect of your video.

An intro video is exactly what it sounds like, a short, direct, introductory video that tells the viewer everything they need to know about your product/service and business while also setting the tone for your brand and the rest of your content.

Incorporating an intro video into the layout of your website (especially your homepage) can be an effective way to getting your visitor’s attention. Ultimately, this allows you to tell a story, bring your company to life, and increase conversions.

Still on the fence about adding an intro video to your homepage? Homepage videos increase conversions by 20% or more. However, how can you create an intro video that will captivate your visitors, inspire them to connect with you, or even drive them to make a purchase?

You need a plan to ensure you’re evoking emotions such as trust, confidence, and curiosity to make your story come alive in your intro video.

With that in mind, here are six tips for crafting an exemplary introductory video that generates leads and builds a connection with your audience.

1. Make sure you have a goal/purpose.

Don’t create a video just to have a video. If your video is boring and provides no value to those watching it, what’s the point?

Your video has to have a goal/purpose. What do you want it to do? What are you trying to communicate?

The purpose of your video might include:

  • Showcasing your team’s talent
  • Introducing your audience to your company and explaining what you do
  • Highlighting your products features and showing how it works
  • Identifying how your product is created

Most intro videos have a target objective of awareness, education, and persuasion. An intro video is a way for your audience to explain your organization beyond just written words. It gives your audience an opportunity to better experience your brand and understand if it can help them truly solve your pain points and achieve your goals.

Research shows that video can increase your customers’ understanding of your products and services by as much as 74%.

2. Keep it short and to the point.


Your audience will determine whether to watch your video based on two things; your thumbnail and the videos length.

So, in order maximize the impact your intro video, be sure to keep it short. In order for you to capture and maintain their attention, your video should be a maximum of two to three minutes long. The intro is the key to keeping the audience’s engagement and attention.

If it needs to be longer than three minutes, be sure to frontload it with the most important information.

3. Humanize Your Brand.

People want to work with other people and unfortunately in today’s digital world, it can be difficult to find this human connection. Fortunately, a great intro video can make this significantly easier.

Intro videos are a great way to humanize your brand, show personality, and share what it’s really like to do work with your company. Some easy ways to highlight your personality include:

  • Showing candid clips of your team working
  • Utilizing b-roll of your office
  • Including face-to-face interviews or voice overs

Just be yourself even if you’re a little quirky. It makes it easier for your audience to relate to and connect with a company that shows personality than one is cold and professional.

4. End Your Video with a Call-to-Action.

You could have the best introductory video that was ever created, but it won’t matter if you’re not telling your visitors what to do next. Don’t leave them hanging.

We previously mentioned how your video needs to have a purpose. Do you want them to donate, buy a product, inquiry about a service, subscribe to your blog, request a quote or consultation?

No matter what type of action you what them to perform, make sure that it’s clearly stated at the end of the video.

5. Don’t Skimp on Quality.

You’re not posting a video on your personal social media page; you’re introducing people to your brand on your professional website. So, think twice before you grab any old camera

62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video.

To ensure that you’re producing a high-quality video, you’ll want to:

  • Avoid any feedback / noise when filming
  • Pay attention to lighting
  • If you’re highlighting your team and office, make sure everyone looks their best and that the office is clean
  • Be sure to use a professional production company if the budget allows for it

Don’t have the equipment readily available? Work with someone that has experience and the necessary equipment. Here, you can review the Logos Media strategic video subscription servicesand packages.

Give your audience the best representation of your brand. Poor quality on your site could be representative of poor-quality for your product or service.

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If you have any questions, please contact Logos Media today.

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