Non-Profit Videos

Every non-profit has a story to tell. A person that has been impacted. A community that has been changed. An obstacle overcome. A transformation realized. A compelling video with first hand testimonials, compelling imagery and a human story, can communicate in ways a mission statement simply can’t. Logos Media can work with your organization at every phase of the project to achieve a compelling final product. From creating a concept and scripting, interviews and editing, Logos Media can help your organization tell the story that matter most.

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Well Thought-Out Non-Profit Videos Deliver Better Results.


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Drive awareness to your cause with a captivating and
emotionally compelling video strategy.

Logos Media offers non-profits the expertise that creates visual storytelling tools for the most trusted brands in philanthropy. With a specialty in human-centric interactive video content, our team also delivers a range of services from communications strategy to 360 virtual reality experiences.

We believe humanitarian efforts are more effective when equipped with digital video to tell the story and sell the idea to new partners. We collaborate with nonprofits, foundations, government, and socially conscious companies committed to expanding the reach of their programs across a wide range of digital platforms.

Why Video

The reality of the Non-Profit industry calls for action not just on the part of donors and volunteers, but on the part of each organization to stand out and clearly articulate their purpose. There’s no medium that can match the authenticity of video in exhibiting the issue your organization is trying to solve.

Our professional non-profit video production team takes great effort in respecting the sensitivity of charitable efforts, while effectively conveying the urgency of the issue at hand.

Fundraising Videos

Tell potential donors an authentic and emotional story about why they should donate to your non-profit organization or NGO. Show them how and why your organization was founded through a video about your organization’s history.

Gala Videos

Get donors and honorees excited about your charitable cause and upcoming event, live stream your event on Facebook Live, and when it’s all over create a teaser video to remind everyone how incredible your event was!

Explainer videos

Capture on video the good the donations to your organization are bringing to this world. Tell the stories of real people who you have helped through you and your donor’s selflessness.

Behind the Mission Videos

Show the world how all the good you are doing is physically possible through docu-style videos. Share the stories of your team – why they work with your organization and the story behind their altruism.


Non-profits usage of video storytelling to build interest in their work and connect to their audience on an emotional level. While there are several ways of telling a story well in an impactful manner, it is best to use different channels to get your work across.

And one effective way to do so is through the use of video storytelling, which is a powerful medium to generate interest in your nonprofit and helps achieve the results you desire, whether it is to promote your nonprofit or for fundraising.

For non-profit video storytelling, Logos Media focus on visuals and emotions to form the basis of your story. So, we make sure to include impactful shots while making your story inspiring so that your digital story shows the difference you’ve made (and are making) as a non-profit.