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Best ROI for Marketing Real Estate Developments

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What is the best ROI for marketing real estate developments?

Real estate videos are highly specific projects that can have a huge impact on the targeted audience. Here are the must-take steps to creating the best real estate videos that actually sell a property and achieve the highest ROI for master-planned real estate developments.

Real estate is a visual medium, so photos and video are crucial to sales. This includes everything from home sales, commercial, luxury office space, or extravagant vacation rentals. Pictures are crucial to websites that showcase homes for sale, hotels, lots, homesites, and even places listed on sites like Airbnb. But often, real estate developers and their sales teams find themselves needing to showcase properties in bigger ways.

This is where real estate video has seen huge growth and produces the maximum amount of lead generation, and subsequently, allowing for easier conversions for a minimal investment.

There are three basic rules of real estate video production and the three main types of real estate videos. You should have a solid understanding of what it takes to make a must-see real estate video that really impresses your potential buyers.

The Basic Rules of Real Estate Video Production

For a master planned real estate property community, aim to keep the final video under three minutes. Don’t waste a buyer’s time, as many are just flying through development listings (sometimes around the world) until they find something that catches their attention. The video can be longer if the property includes multiple facilities or amenities to enhance the potential buyer’s lifestyle. Either way, a high-quality video still should not go over eight minutes. A real estate video that has a length of over 10 minutes is a waste of time and investment.

Be sure to only highlight key features and amenities. It’s always easier to put the type of fixtures in the description than it is to show them in the video. You can even include quality voiceovers that speak about some of the smaller details like the floors and windows. The proper tone and background music may increase the effectiveness of the video overall.

Another sales-oriented factor in shooting video with the most impact is to shoot angles as wide as often as possible. Close up shots of decor and furniture are not helpful, as those things don’t come with the property. Viewers should be able to see the entire room and imagine their own belongings inside. Give a feel for space, not the material items already inside. Shoot with drones or by air when properties are larger or offer golf and community areas as this will demonstrate the landscape.

Three Main Types of Real Estate Videos

There are essentially three different types of real estate videos which really tie into the property value. The more expensive the real estate, the more luxurious the video should be. Standard real estate videos with use either a slide show or virtual tour, where high-end homes and vistas will often use a documentarystyle approach.

Needless to say, any real estate video should accomplish two main goals. It should showcase the properties for sale in addition to the lifestyle choice, which should in turn help sell it quickly.  It should also create a call-to-action to send potential buyers to the real estate sales teams. The call-to-action can be as simple as listing the real estate agents or management team at the end of the video or throughout the video on lower thirds.

1.  Slide Show

The slide show is the easiest and most popular style of real estate video. In fact, a majority of these videos only use photographs. Since they are so simple, you’ll need to produce a slide show real estate videos that really stands out amongst the competition such as adding motion graphics to make the video pop.

2.  Virtual Tour

The virtual tour showcases an entire home, room by room. This can be done with photographs and/or video. It can also be done in 360 degrees, which allows buyers to experience the model home themselves. The virtual tour can also incorporate features outside of the property within the master planned community as a secondary virtual tour video.

A virtual tour-style video should end with a second call-to-action to visit the website and lists the contact information for the development. All of this is done in under three minutes. It’s an excellent example of what a real estate virtual video should be, at the minimum. Virtual tours are really the best type of real estate video in terms of return on investment. The negative about virtual tours are they may not reflect the quality of a high-end home or development in full panoramic color, sound, and all of the amenities’.

3.  Documentary or “Testimonial”

The documentary-style real estate video is best for luxury master-planned properties and is also known as the “testimonial” video. This style does not really work for smaller homes, because it requires you to film a lot of material. The overall cost of production is higher but these videos are the most popular and likely to go viral.

A documentary video can go over three minutes when the property has so much to offer and showcase that the length is justified. There is more range to work with such as shots of wide interiors, close-up shots of the beautiful finishing in a model home, and tons of great footage of nearby beaches, golf courses, amenities, and retail outlets.A documentary can also include homeowners providing “testimonial” videos which help the property sell itself with the faces and words of current residents.

The reason the documentary approach is the preference for master-planned communities is the larger budget to sell numerous homes, possible hotel sites, or commercial. However, the initial video investment will literally last for years so easily accommodating and the best bang for the buck!

Why Using Video for Marketing is Important in Your Content Marketing Plan

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Every business should have a content marketing plan. However, businesses should not ignore the benefits of using video marketing for marketing their brand or service. Video marketing is currently rising in all platforms and here are some reasons why it’s important to add them to your content marketing plan.

Why Video Marketing is Important

Having a video to promote your product or service allows you to gain more consumer attention. Most people now use mobile phones to connect to the internet and spend countless hours just to entertain themselves. Make use of this by adding your video content to their feeds which then gives you the opportunity to spread your brand through consumer influence. The higher the engagement of your videos, the more viral it can be. A viral video will definitely gain a lot of attention from not only your target audience in your area but may even go worldwide.

Video marketing can also provide benefits for search engine optimization. You can drive more traffic to your website with video content compared to blog posts. Search engines nowadays, favor videos and they are more likely to rank your content on the searches of your customers. This creates organic traffic that will be more cost effective for your business. Videos are also favored by most platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. These two platforms enable auto-play feature for mobile phone users. So when someone is scrolling through their feeds and stumble to your video, it automatically plays. This is where you need to create content that can catch your audience’s attention during the first few seconds.

Video content that connects to the emotions of the audience allows more users to engage in your content. Create a video that has a story and it will definitely capture their attention. Eventually, the more your video gets spread and shared by different individuals, the more likely you will have positive traffic to your website and gain more conversions. Gaining conversions is basically the number one reason why video marketing is important. This is often harder to do with a website that doesn’t have a video on the landing page. Once the consumer sees your website without a video content, it may cause them to leave instead of converting. Always make sure to be consistent when using videos in your content marketing plan.

Things to Consider when Creating a Video

You can’t just create a video with your phone. Creating a video takes a lot of planning too. You should always consider acquiring the best audio and video quality when creating a video for your brand or service. The major thing that most consumers look for in a video is clarity. Your audio must be clear in relaying your message and your video must be clear in providing accurate supporting visuals for your brand’s image to remain in their mind even after watching the video.

Why Should You Hire A Creative Video Production Company?

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When it comes to marketing your product or brand, producing a video is often the best way to do it. However, not many companies choose to hire a creative video production company. Although it is true that video production can be more expensive than doing it yourself on your phone, the return from your investment can be worth it. The result of creative marketing videos often enhances your company’s brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and develop healthy relationships with consumers.

Reasons to Hire a Creative Video Production Company

The best way to get your brand’s message to your next client is through a high-quality video. Why should you settle for a low-quality video when you your message deserves the best quality? In most cases, those who tend to cut their budget in their video production have low-quality audio and video. This ends up boring or irritating the viewer and they won’t stick around to hear you out. Having a professional video production enhances your chances in acquiring a quality video that will entice viewers to continue watching till the end.

Every brand has a different story to tell. A creative video production company prides themselves on being good storytellers. Stories are capable of reaching your audience’s hearts and engage their mind so they will understand exactly what you can do for them. With a well-designed storyline, clear audio quality, and high-resolution video image a story will be easier to understand and capture your audience’s attention. When you hire professional creative video production companies, you are basically hiring storytellers that are capable of creating a good story for your brand or service.

Hiring a creative video production company allows you to build new relationships that will be beneficial for your business. You as the business owner or manager, have a lot in mind when it comes to maintaining your business growth. You can’t simply come up with a story and direct a video to market your brand on your own. Finding a trusted video production company gives you easy access to a creative team who can reach your target audience.

Why do you need a Good Video?

Hiring professional video production companies gives you an edge when it comes to reaching your audience and getting them to convert. Many companies throw away huge amounts of money on ads on social media, flyers, billboards, magazines and even on TV. With a little bit of effort, you can identify your audience, understand what they are looking for and craft a video that will speak directly to their needs. Instead of trying to get everyone’s attention, a well-crafted video can speak directly to your audience. Organic traffic is free traffic. When you create content your audience appreciates, more and more people will come to your website because they value what you are offering. The more people that visit your website, the more people the higher your ranking.

How Online Video Marketing Helps your Business

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Our society is revolving around technology where many people rely on their computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones for information and entertainment. This means there are fewer people that notice adds on a billboard, flyers, and any other form of marketing strategy to get your brand out. Since a lot of consumers rely on technology, you can use that to your advantage and advertise your brand online. The best way to do so is through online video marketing.

How Online Video Marketing Helps

A lot of businesses are marketing through online videos. They use videos for a variety of reasons such as getting the attention of their target audience; get their brand noticed, and many others. However, the main reason why most businesses use online video marketing is to get more visitors to their website and get them to spend time there. A video is capable of doing this only if it attracts the visitors of the website.

As for the consumer’s side, around 81% of them have confirmed that they are convinced to purchase a product or service through online videos. Consumers love watching videos because it doesn’t take time and it gets straight to the point. Most consumers use smartphones to connect online and they are bothered by reading too much text about a product. If you were to use videos, then it will be easier to engage smartphone users. In fact, if you were to put both text and a video with that text, your consumers will more likely play the video instead.

Online Marketing Tools

There are a lot of online marketing tools where you can spread your brand or service through video presentations. A popular method is through Youtube channel. It is the most effective marketing channel for business because a lot of consumers around the world spend their time watching Youtube videos. If you have relevant content that offers a similar product from your competitors, Youtube automatically shows your video in the consumer’s list.

Social Media sites are also becoming popular in spreading your videos especially LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn is a great business tool that helps you target a specific audience that can be your clients. The videos you post in LinkedIn have a smaller audience, but they are more likely to convert.

Facebook, on the other hand, is another great tool that most companies now rely on to spread their company’s product or service. It’s user-friendly and if you have a product that interests most people, then Facebook will be your best marketing tool option. Facebook allows you to open live feeds where you can easily demonstrate your product to your target audience. They can also interact with you real-time which gives you the chance to answer your audience directly. Doing this allows your audience to maintain their interest in your product or service which will then greatly benefit your company’s growth.

Difference Between Video Production and Video Marketing Services

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Creating a video to market your brand or service is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. This is why most companies look for professional video production services for help. However, it takes more than just a guy with a camera to create a video that will connect with your audience and get results. It helps to know the difference between a video production company and video marketing company. To set your expectation on what each service can provide for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Video Production Services

A video production company or a videographer are extremely helpful when it comes to shooting and editing a video. They are experts at creating something that is visually engaging and beautiful. These companies are ideal for video recordings special occasions like birthday parties, weddings or bar mitzvahs. They will set up a time to shoot, show you samples of other events they have captured and edit a video together for you. A good video production company will capture high-quality images in HD or 4k. They will also capture high-quality audio. Hiring the right people who know how to use great gear, is important when hiring a videographer.

Many businesses hire video production companies or videographers when they know exactly what they are looking for in a finished video. They can bring the gear and help bring your vision to life. However, there is more to a successful video than pulling out a camera and editing the footage together.

Video Marketing Services

High-quality video marketing services will make sure you produce a video that looks and sounds great, as well as a video that connects with your audience, communicates your value proposition and gets results.

A video marketing company will usually begin by researching and understanding your target audience. Who are you trying to connect with? How old are they? What do they enjoy? What are they struggling with? A video marketing company will also take the time to really understand your business and your products. A great marketing video is like a salesperson ready to offer their best pitch. It is impossible to make a compelling and focused case for your product or service without a clear understanding of what you are offering and what your audience is looking for.

The most important work in creating an effective marketing video occurs before the camera is used. A solid script. The right locations. Voice actors, talent, images all need to be chosen carefully.

Once the video has been created, they will help you make sure your video is deployed properly. Will you send your video out through an email marketing campaign? Facebook? Linkedin? Youtube? Website? Landing page? One video does not fit every channel? A video marketing company will take into account how your audience is viewing your video and help you connect with your audience.

A video marketing company will work with your marketing company or help you manage your ad campaign. The best video in the world is completely useless if no one watches it! Make sure you are getting your message to your audience. A great video marketing company can help!

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High Quality vs Effective Video Production: Part 1

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I love a good looking, well produced video. One where the colors are natural, the sound is clear, the framing interesting. But does expensive video production always lead to results? Do people watch them all the way through?

I wanted some answers so I conducted a study to generate some data so Logos Media can help our clients create content that really drives results.


We produced the same video 5 different styles ranging from “nicely polished” to “shaky portrait iphone”. We ran those videos with identical budgets to identical audiences (interested in marketing/small business in DFW) for the same period of time. The call to action was to like the Logos Media facebook page.


We got some conclusive data on what worked and what did not. Here are the videos ranging from worst performing to best performing, what we know from the data and some hunches worth testing in the future.

The iPhone Portrait

The Numbers

Percent Viewed 7.70%

Cost per conversion $10

Reach engagement 26%  (The percentage of those reached who watched beyond 3 seconds).


In a lot of ways this video was a total disaster. It looks like garbage. My hair is messed up. The orientation is “wrong” in portrait mode.

More importantly this video is a mess as it converted the fewest likes and those likes were most expensive (more than 10 bucks per like)

But here is the interesting thing… of those people the video reached, more of them watched it for longer than any of the other videos. In some ways this would be a success right? If someone took the time to watch more of the video, something must be working. That engagement is positive, but in this case more people took a closer look and almost all of them said, no thanks. Ouch. The pitch and the call to action are identical on all 5 videos, so we can surmise that people were turned off by the style even though they were drawn to see it through.

We might call this the “Dumpster Fire Effect.” People are interested, but they want no part of it. Is this an effect we can learn to leverage positively? How can we be disruptive while projecting a good image.

Up next… bad news for people with expensive cameras… polish didn’t count for much.

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Cornerstone Assistance Network

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Successful non-profits don’t just serve the people in their community in need. Great non-profits tell a compelling story about the work they are doing and invite others to come and join them in their mission. By telling stories, sharing triumphs and painting a bold picture for the future, a strong development video can work wonders.

Contact Logos Media to learn more about our special video production services packages for non-profit organizations.

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Adam: No Contact Allowed

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Adam is an 8 part series that tells the story of a pastor who walked along side a mother on a journey few parents have ever endured. This series, designed to spark discussion in a group, explores topics of grief, doubt, redemption and punishment.

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Every Craft Beer Has a Story

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Part of the joy of drinking great beer is discovering that new brewery or that new style you had never enjoyed before. Why wait for someone to go to the brewery to get the story they want to hear? Take a look at this brief profile of a really amazing beer demonstrating how we can share a beer’s story.

Giving life to an Identity Statement…

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First Christian Church in Arlington unveiled their new identity statement: We are centered in Christ and formed in relationships. This statement found expression in their worship, the weekly programming and in their outreach, and they wanted to find a powerful way to share the breadth of that story with their congregation and their community.

Logos Media was able to help them craft a three part series exploring the different ways FCC lives out their identity. Making use of interviews, compelling b-roll and the words of their staff, these videos bring life to their statement in a way that only video can.