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Dig deep into your subject matter and build an audience with a weekly show. Interview guests, share news in your field, engage your audience. Logos Media can work with you to streamline the production process to make new episodes easier to create and less expensive to produce. Logos Media an also produce your show and stream it LIVE to facebook, youtube, linkedin and other platforms with the same amazing quality.

Building Episodic Video Content Grows Results

Episodic, or “episode-style” content helps brands shorten sales cycles, build visibility, and stay resource-effective. Logos Media will work with you to craft a script that answers the questions that are most important to your potential customers.

The hidden, major benefit of episodic content is your ability to see how your content has had a major impact on ROI as sales or awareness increase.


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Stop creating content, and start creating shows!

Episodic content is creating sequential, engaging video (and social) content that is part of a series centered around a certain theme or topic similar to a series on Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify.

Episodic, or “episode-style” content helps brands shorten sales cycles, build visibility, and stay resource-effective. It enables 1 pillar piece of content to drive 20 other microcontent pieces in one go. It is not only effective, it can also be quite fun.

Social strategists, brands and marketers alike have been groomed for years to encourage the production of short, snackable pieces of video content for a seamless in-feed experience. It’s been a rule of thumb that shorter videos perform better compared with longer ones based on metrics, and we are all slowly witnessing platforms expand this rule.

Instead of worrying about what to blog about next, or what to post on social today, smart CEOs and CMOs are building episodic content. They strategically remove themselves from the content rat race with competitors and create “original series” around their buyer personas’ core interests instead.

As a result, they build an unfair advantage through their unique style of thought leadership and brand or name recognition. This directly drives more top of the funnel traffic and sales inquiries to their websites.

An Evolving Video Landscape

As brands and companies or business owners consider approaching long-form video content, the three items below should be the main considerations:

  1. Centralize the narrative: As marketers approach creating video content for social media, at whatever length, the primary focus should be on the narrative itself. Digital audiences are receptive to long-form video content if it communicates a unique and compelling story.
  2. Leverage paid social practices where you can: From a paid social approach, Facebook Watch currently offers pre-roll and mid-roll programmatic media placements. Currently, there are no paid social opportunities within YouTube Originals or IGTV. As a benefit of the YouTube Premium subscription, YouTube Originals touts an ad-free experience.
  3. Product placement should be leveraged within content: Despite the paid social barriers, companies can reach their goals through episodic video content. The most viable solution is for brands to partner with influencers who are skilled in video creation to craft authentic product endorsement moments. Additionally, brands can partner with publishers and viral video media outlets to sponsor a single video clip or episodic series, depending on the social strategy. While minding each social channel’s best practices, these approaches can be platform agnostic.

The best episodic content is entertaining as much as it is educational. By entertaining your audience, you build attention, likability, and trust. In turns, this helps you gain permission to give more education throughout their buying journey.

Stands Out as Unique

In a noisy world where everyone is producing content around their products and services — it is getting harder and harder to get people to give us their attention.

In a world where you can Google just about any subject matter, what sets you in a class of your own is when you create branded, entertaining content as part of a dedicated series for your audiences’ culture  including their dreams, fears, and daily life.

The social media landscape is a shapeshifting creature, and with that comes exciting opportunities for brands to connect authentically.

Building Episodic Content Grows Results

Taking the time to build episodic video content helps you think in terms of specific topics, series, seasons, and themes. By building episodic content, you set yourself up for success by making a decision to become a thought leader in your space by producing a show for your personas, with set episodes.

The hidden, major benefit of episodic content is your ability to take this video and turn it into more video, audio, written, and image content.

The numbers help show the size of the opportunity:

  • 47% of buyers look at 3–5 pieces of content before buying
  • 65% of senior execs visit a website after viewing a related YouTube video
  • 75% of millennials watch video on social media daily
  • 82% of all IP traffic in 2021 will be video
  • 1 Episode = Approximately 20 pieces of content!

Distribution and Tracking

Once you have your full episode, you would be able to segment those into different microcontent pieces and be ableto track how they perform across different channels.No marketing is complete without analyzing results to derive insights on engagement, traffic, and lead generation.

The beauty of shows and episodic content is that you have the ability to set goals in advance while tracking the entire touch process attribution. In other words, you can see how your content has had a major impact on ROI as sales or awareness increase.