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Stand out on the news feed. Most videos are viewed for fewer than 10 seconds on facebook. 85% of all videos are viewed with no sound! Logos Media can create content that cuts through the noise and delivers results.

When potential clients are researching your business, a first impression video is designed to answer their most basic questions and begin to build a connection built on trust. Logos Media will work with you to craft a script that answers the questions that are most important to your potential customers. During a brief video shoot, we will coach you to give a natural delivery. “B-roll,” music and a logo reveal create a polished and professional impression.


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You know the importance of a great social media video strategy, but is your brand doing everything possible to see positive results? While that might seem like an easy question, it’s always smart to dissect your video content and see what you can do better.

At Logos Media, we firmly believe in the conversions of fantastic videos produced specifically for social media ranging from testimonials to imagery to quality. Making a critically important first impression on social media is imperative due to the nature of sharing content quickly. Developing and fostering to help grow your powerful social media strategy using video is what our team specializes in producing for our clients.

Prior to developing video specifically for social media, we thorough review your company’s brand and current content while asking clients about their goals. There are various ways you can approach your social media video content.

  • How will your audience have a cohesive understanding between your images and video content?
  • What’s your primary goal for creating videos?
  • What is the frequency of new video content: daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly?
  • What types of video content will be most effective for your brand: educational, testimonials, holiday themed or lead gen teasers?
  • Will the video be a central part of a paid social media advertising campaign?
  • Which social media platforms will be used for your video: each platform has a different pace, dimension, size, and specs?

For example, with your goals in mind, Logos Media can create high-caliber videos like a year in reviews, season’s greetings or thanking the troops which can go a long way into showing audiences you’re participating a holiday.

One of the most unique ways you can connect with your audience is through LIVE HD video streams. It is easily one of the biggest nuances to social media content is live video streaming.

For company’s and Logos Media clientele using our social media video services, they are able to provide completely new and unique content to their viewers. And now that Facebook Live is commonly used across the world, businesses have to take advantage of its freshness. The key to social media video production is quality, quality, and more quality.

It doesn’t matter who you are, companies always look to cost-effective strategies when it comes to social media marketing. With the influx of paid advertising on social media, it’s hard to stay on budget and provide beautiful, attention-grabbing content to your followers. Logos Media works with almost any type of budget and we understand how to produce a quality video that is cost effective.

For more information about Logos Media Social Media Video Services, please contact us today!