Human Stories

Complex Topics

Real Connections

Dig deep and share a real story through a documentary story telling approach. Documentary videos are extremely powerful tools to show how real people are touched or transformed by an organization.

Captivating Audiences with a Compelling Story

What moves people are genuine documentaries. The most powerful documentaries focus on someone who has a goal or quest and ceaselessly strives for it, and for whom something big is at stake. That person’s journey should intersect in some way with your brand’s mission or area of interest.

When collaborating with Logos Media, our expert team gives your company tailored content helping you stand out from the crowd.


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Branded short films and documentaries are transforming video marketing. Did you know the marketing world also has hybrids? We call them branded short films and documentaries. In a sense, these are cross-over campaigns are completely transforming the marketing game.

In recent years as the internet, smartphones, and social media have proliferated, a new format of documentary has evolved and conquered the market: branded documentaries, or branded-docs. They continue documentaries’ authentic form of expression, using an artistic storytelling approach to resonate with their audience.

However, by sticking to stories that are short and honest, brands have successfully adapted the documentary style to tell customer’s stories and inspire customer loyalty.

Imagine a documentary you see on television about a subject you are passionate about. The subject matter could be anything from a workplace café to horseback riding or church benefits to local events or humanitarian issues.

Now, imagine a brand or company that has taken the initiative to create that documentary content and distribute it online for free without a strong advertising agenda. It’s the newest form of video content that is emerging and there’s a very good reason why it is so successful. Or, it is hosted on the home page of their website or using social media or in sales offices.

Rather than creating a commercial that relies on a big advertising budget to distribute it successfully, by producing short-form documentaries, your brand will not only have the potential for massive organic sharing on social media but also lift its image in the eyes of its customers who walk into an office.
The end goal is still the same:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Engage Audiences
  • Generate and convert leads

But the way branded short films and documentaries achieve these goals is much different and overwhelmingly popular with audiences.

What Branded Short Films & Documentaries Do Best

Better than any other form of content marketing, branded short films and documentaries forge deep connections with audiences and provide a viewer experience so engaging, it’s worth widespread sharing.

They accomplish this in two ways:

  1. By captivating audiences with a compelling story.

Converting information into a story creates an authentic human experience for audiences that makes the information more entertaining and easier to understand, retain, and recall.

  1. By delivering this story using the most powerful marketing vehicle – video.

Branded short films and documentaries expertly combine these two solutions into one powerful experience. Instead of fighting against fleeting attention spans, these campaigns pull audiences into a storyline that keeps them wanting more. And as they lose themselves in the experience, they’re often observing (without realizing it) how a product can change or enhance their life.

Telling the Right Story

While documentaries are a powerful format for brands to reach new audiences, brands should understand the difference between true documentaries versus reality-style programming. Authentic documentary stories are not the same as “real-people” or even documentary-style marketing pieces.

What moves people are genuine documentaries, not marketing pieces crafted to feel like documentaries.

  • Story landscape is the setting in which a brand has both the credibility and expertise to tell a great story.
  • Story hero is a single person or a group striving toward a common goal.

The most powerful documentaries focus on someone who has a goal or quest and ceaselessly strives for it, and for whom something big is at stake. That person’s journey should intersect in some way with your brand’s mission or area of interest.

Social-First Documentaries

Social-first documentaries may not be traditional in nature, but they have the potential to be just as engaging to the consumers that matter most to brands. Companies with a story to tell would be smart to take a cue from the successful documentaries already produced. There’s a lot to be gained from this innovative marketing strategy.

An Engaging Medium

Documentary-style video content is an effective way of aligning your company with certain values. A documentary-style branded video takes this idea a step further. If stories are universally appealing to audiences, a short film or documentary style video offers a bigger and better vehicle for delivering them than a traditional short-form video.

When collaborating with Logos Media using this medium, our expert team gives brands a chance to be creative, to target particular audiences with specifically tailored content, and above all, we help you stand out from the crowd.