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How Companies are Winning with Video Marketing in 2019

Video can help support a variety of marketing and business goals, including sales, retention, customer experience, customer educations, and more.

Video is an effective tool for earning new website traffic while keeping visitors on a site longer. Companies often promote videos on social media and other content platforms to drive people to a website – and 84% of executives in 2019 say that video has helped them do just that.


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Creative Branding Video Marketing

Branded video storytelling is exploding in popularity for many reasons. The technology has evolved, price points have come down, social media platforms have embraced it and helped to expand the medium, and audiences have come to expect and prefer quality video as the premier method of communication.  Some brands have found it difficult to measure the ROI of their video efforts, however that’s also changed in 2019.

For bigger brands or even startups, a video presents a fantastic opportunity to tell a compelling brand story in an easily digestible package and with a lot of creativity. Believe it or not, if a consumer or audience watches your video for even less than 10 seconds, the video will help increase brand retainment exponentially as opposed to traditional marketing methodologies.

Across the board, businesses are using video to support four key goals:

After earning that initial visit, marketers are then using video content on their website to encourage visitors to learn more and stay on their site longer. In fact, 80% of marketers now say video has increased their site’s page view time. Website videos can help convert users by:

  • Telling a brand story
  • Sharing a customer testimonial
  • Showing the product or service in use
  • Comparing the product to competitors who fall short
  • Explaining key features and benefits

You can use video to increase web traffic by leveraging social media.

Key takeaway: Promote your video on social media and other platforms to not only boost visits to your website, but to also keep potential customers on site for longer.

Winning New Sales

Importantly, sales and marketing teams are using video to stand out from competitors and convert prospects. While email drip campaigns and digital ads are helpful tools to create customer touch points during the buyer’s journey, video is a more compelling, dynamic media that helps brands tell a better story – so much that 76% percent of business owners say video has helped them increase sales this year alone.

On the flip side, 81 percent of people say a brand’s video has convinced them to purchase a product or service. Video has the power to show and promote products in ways text and photos can’t, making it a key tool in the sales process.

You can leverage video assets to increase sales by hosting product videos on your website, or creating videos specifically for your sales team to use in their process.

Key takeaway: The compelling nature of video gives it serious convincing-power. Add it to your marketing arsenal and watch those leads convert.

How to use Video Marketing in your Business

While video marketing trends can help provide structure when planning a video marketing campaign for 2019, every company’s plan will look different depending on their marketing and business goals for the year. While the approach should be custom, there are several trends we’re seeing emerge, including social media videos,  interactive video, testimonial videos, motion graphics,  and virtual reality.

Creative Branding Video by Logos Media – The Difference?

At Logos Media, we are true experts when working with your team on collaborative projects such as creative branding videos. We strive to produce visually stimulating imagery that elicits an emotional response from the viewer. When your audience views a Logos Media produced a video or watches a story about your company, their emotions actually start to mirror what they are watching.

Our goal is to create a brief interaction with your video that triggers a positive response while making a significant impact on your bottom line.

Please contact Logos Media for more information about our Creative Branding video services.