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The Myth of the Single Video That Does It All

Wouldn’t it be nice if a single video could do it all? A short video that immediately compels your future clients know, like and trust you. A video that is as beautiful as it is effective. In one viewing all doubts are magically overcome and they rush to walk in their door, call, or opt in.

Let’s think about this.

You wouldn’t hire a contractor with one tool in the toolbox. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to prescribe the same medication to every patient.

The right tools are necessary to get the best results.

Logos Media has created a solution to help our clients think strategically about video marketing. Instead of a single video that tries to do it all, Logos Media will create a variety of videos that are custom built for your business and designed to work with your existing marketing strategy.

And affordable… starting at just $350 a month.


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Wait, What!? How does this work?

The Logos Media Video Subscription is customized to fit your unique needs and your marketing objectives.

First, we sit down with you, learn a little about your business, your marketing/communication goals and budget.

Second, once we know a little more about you, we can help identify the different types of videos that will be the best fit and within your budget.

Finally, we script the videos, get your approval, shoot, edit and deliver your content.

After a few months, we will sit down with you again, help you assess how your content performed, and get back to work producing another batch of videos. As we learn more about your business, what your clients are responding to, and gather more awesome footage, your videos will become more interesting and more effective.


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What do you mean by different “types” of videos?

That is a great question. We help a lot of clients create unique videos that are built from scratch to hit the right note and deliver the right content. It is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of time and it gets expensive.

To make video more effective and more affordable, we have developed a few different styles of videos that are designed to accomplish specific objectives or speak most powerfully to specific audience. Why reinvent the wheel over and over again, when we know the kind of videos that will get results?

Here are a few…

The First Impression Video

The First impression video is ideal for the front page of your website for customers in a consideration phase. They know they need your service/product, but they are trying to figure out if you are the right fit. These can be a little longer (less than 2 minutes), provide a nice overview of your business and feature a little bit of b-roll to help people see you or your product in action.

Here are a couple examples:


The Talking Head

Talking Head videos are the simpler version of the First Impression video. These are shorter in length (30-45 seconds) and feature little or no b-roll. These videos are typically very focused on a particular topic/product/service. They are ideal for landing pages or social media campaigns where you are demonstrating value to potential clients.  While the first impression video is a good choice for a relatively cold/uninformed audience, a simple talking head is a great way to nurture leads and provide value to existing customers. Here are a couple of examples.


The Talking Head with Text

85% of videos on facebook are viewed without sound. By adding motion graphics or animated text to the “talking head style” videos, they become much more effective on social media. The text increases retention and it allows the video to function better on social media where everyone is watching but no one is listening.

The Social Nudge or Story

Short and sweet. If it takes 7 marketing “touches” for someone to become familiar enough with you to “opt in,” these videos are designed to provide a quick, simple, helpful nudge in the right direction. Social nudges feature b-roll from the library we build in your subscription and animated text that is in line with your branding. These are short (around 20 seconds) and extremely focused on a product or piece of information that your client might find interesting. It’s not a sales pitch. Not a conversation. It is just a nudge. These are also ideal for showcasing a special offer or deal.


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