Doug Kriz


Doug Kriz is the founder of Logos Media, LLC, a video services, video production, and video marketing strategy firm.

Doug founded and owns Logos Media with corporate headquarters based in McKinney, Texas. The company’s recent video production services have expanded to social media, virtual, and 360-degree production. He offers over 20 years of experience with an ability to focus on business owners’ objectives whether small, medium-sized and larger entities. The Logos Media wide-ranging catalog of video services help them find their voice and grow their businesses using a variety of techniques and strategies Doug offers over his distinguished career.

Understanding that his knowledge and video content development services are unparalleled, he provides unique insight into growing businesses of all types. His expert proficiency has propelled both Logos Media and his clients by setting industry-leading video service and video production standards in the private sector.

Doug is extremely adept at increasing video production efficiency, competitive analysis, strategy and building up businesses using a visual medium. He offers a diversified set of skills in project management, client management and how to position new video content with the utmost impact.

Professional highlights include:

  • Business Owner, Video Producer, Chief Strategist, and Interviewer.
  • Increasing business visibility, revenue velocity, and ROI.
  • Reducing expenses for dozens of businesses while growing profits.
  • An industry leader in B2B, B2C, non-profits and technology for product development, video marketing and strategy.
  • Honored by a number of clients by making a greater impact and help build a new playbook for brand launches.

After spending the last twenty years working with business owners and high-level management for small to large brands and startups, Doug knows what truly drives conversions, new business leads, brands and new product launches which produce business growth.

Doug holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Christian University (TCU). He loves working with clients to help them find a focused set of moving images that make an impact for both the client and target audience. Doug’s passion for “telling the client’s story” through quality video production is the beating heart of his company.

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