We are able to provide LIVE HD video broadcast solutions for clients in news and live event production. Our team is extremely experienced in enhancing LIVE Broadcasts whether it be via a unique company platform, business archives, or for social media. LIVE HD streaming video also works extremely well for “on-air” interviews with experts in their field further enhancing your business communications.

It really comes as no surprise that Logos Media is one of the most sought-after video service companies in the industry using this medium. LIVE HD streaming video is interactive and authentic. Audiences are craving to be in the know as events unfold, get an insider pass into the inner workings of a favorite company, or simply see your human side.

The following attributes are the characteristics based on quality that the Logos Media Live Video Broadcasts package:

  • Lav or Boom microphones
  • Multiple camera switching
  • Use of text or additional imagery in the broadcast
  • Opening and closing bumpers
  • Proper lighting

With just a minimal amount of investment, your live streaming broadcast videos will go from amateur to professional in no time. And, that will surely, impact your market positioning.

Please contact Logos Media for more information about our Live Video Broadcast services.

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