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Top 12 Vitally Important Video Marketing Statistics

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As the world of marketing continues to evolve, agencies and businesses have been attempting to develop new ways to attract leads and promote their brands. For many, implementing a video marketing…

Video Marketing Trends

5 Major Trends in Video Marketing

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Have you ever asked yourself what video content audiences just love to watch? If so, you may be aware what is trending right now for developing high performance in video…

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Video Marketing 101: The First 10 Seconds of Your Video

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Focus on the first 10 seconds of your video. If you look at your YouTube audience retention and stats, you’ll probably notice that approximately 20% of your viewers drop off…

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A Powerful Introduction Video is Critically Important to Your Video Marketing

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­These days, even the best photos and gifs are being trumped by video. In fact, on average, people stay 2 minutes longer on websites or social media with video than…