A flat, 2D video is a small window on the world, one that keeps the viewer on the outside looking in, seeing only what the filmmaker wants them to see. A 360-degree video, also known as Virtual Reality video, on the other hand, has the potential to be so much more immersive. You can look anywhere and really feel like you’re there.

Logos Media works with specialty cameras which we combine with specific software in order to produce superior quality Virtual Reality videos for our distinguished clientele. Creating a 360-degree video clearly takes more effort than making a regular video, but the colors, textures, and senses are touched with enthralling visuals.

In fact, using a 360-degree Virtual Reality video has a 10-times higher click-through rate on social media, websites, search engines, and online directories. Various forms of visual media are currently not able to achieve what Virtual Reality can because they lack the most desirable of all elements required for a 360-degree video experience.

When working with Logos Media for your 360 Degree Virtual Reality videos, this opens up the potential for audiences to share in some visually-thrilling and immersive video.

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